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 Post subject: GPS Rental for Japan R˜♦˜˜E♦N♦T♦A♦L˜
PostPosted: Mon Apr 30, 2012 1:52 pm 
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We currently have several Garmin nuvi's (Japan versions pre-loaded) available for lease, they have all of the current maps, newest English waypoints loaded, a telephone number search function and a few are small enough to use walking, driving etc. Includes suction mount and charging cable.




Just shoot me an email to reserve one for your visit.

Lease rate is only: 100.00 USD per month! That's a pretty cheap insurance policy to prevent getting lost.

The short version:
Lease amount 30 days 100.
Full Deposit + Lease fee = retail value for the model you choose (4.3" or 5" models only) I don't lease 7" models normally.
Upon return in good condition your deposit will be returned minus 100. lease fee plus any shipping fees incurred (normally that's only 10. USD to US and Japan, 50. USD to most Europe locations)

Here is the current list that's loaded into the favorites already:

Most of the pre-loaded waypoints are shown below:

Narita Airport, Narita to Yokota Bus Stop, Hard Rock Narita, Ami Premium Outlets Mall, Outback Makuhari, Mitsui Outlet Park Makuhari, IKEA Chiba, IKEA Shinmisato, Tokyo Disney Sea, Tokyo Disneyland, Sizzler Kameido, Tokyo Skytree Tower, Hanayashiki Amusement Park, Museum of Nature and Science, Bubba Gump Shrimp LaLaport, Tokyo National Museum, TGI Fridays Ueno Chuo-Dori, Kua’ Aina Gourmet Burger S 005, Barbacoa Classico Brazil BBQ, Kua’ Aina Gourmet Burger s 002, Kua’ Aina Gourmet Burger S 006, Daikanransha Ferris Wheel, Nissan Gallery Ginza Station, Edo Castle / Imperial Castle, Tokyo Dome City Attractions, Bubba Gump Tokyo, Sizzler Tokyo Dome, Kua’ Aina Gourmet Burger S 003, Sizzler Aqua-City, DiverCity Mall, Hooter’s Ginza, Tokyo Science Museum, American Embassy, Tokyo Clinic Dental Office, Tokyo Tower, Kamiyacho Metro Station Exit 1, Frijoles Mexican Akaska 1F, Lawry’s Prime Rib Tokyo, Hooters Akasaka, Ambe Cuatro Mexican, Haneda Airport, Zest Cantina Mexican, La Fiesta Mexican 2nd Floor, Hard Rock/Tony Romas, TGI Fridays Roppongi, Frijoles Mexican Azabu-Juban, Havana Café Mexican, Outback Tokyo, Sicilia Italian Restaurant, Frijoles Mexican Roppongi 1F, White Smoke Texas Steakhouse, Agave Mexican, Outback Shnagawa-East, Hardy Barracks, TGI Fridays Shinagawa, Outback Shinagawa, The New Sanno Parking Lot, Isalsita Mexican, National Olympic Stadium, La Jolla Mexican 2F, Tony Romas Aoyama, Kua’ Aina Gourmet Burger Shop, Bubba Gump Osaka, Mexican Fona De La Madrugada, Bamboo Grassy Steakhouse, Kua’ Aina Gourmet Burger S004, Fuji-Tori Antiques, Shakey’s Pizza Shibuya-ku, Kiddy Land, El Torito Mexican Shinjuku 1F, Kua’ Aina Gourmet Burger S 001, Ma-Maison Italion # 3, La Casita Mexican 2F, Sizzler Shinjuku, TGI Fridays Shibuya Jinnan, Tokyo Disney Store in Shibuya, Outback Shibuya, Tucano’s Brazilian Restaurant, Kids Plaza Ask Nishi-Shinjuku, JunkAdelic Mex (Underground), Hard Off 5, Tobu Zoo, California Pizza Kitchen, Sizzler Sakurashinmachi, Railway Museum, Hard Off 3, Mother Farm Chiba (Childresn Farm), Garlic Jo’s Yokohama Minato-mi, Hard Rock Yokohama, El Torito Yokohama Mexican, IKEA Yokohama, TGI Fridays Yokohama, Kamogawa Sea World, Negishi Heights BOQ/BEQ Yokohama, Negishi Heights main Gate Yokohama, Negishi Heights Gate 3 Yokohama, Land Title Office Yokohama, Hard Off 4, Mitsui Outlet park Yokohama Ba, Yokohama Indoor Swimming Pool, COSTCO Yokohama, Acquamare Restaurant/Museum, Ma-Maison Italian # 2, Tama Hills Recreation Area, Sea Paradise Yokohama Hakkeiji, Sullivan ES, Seibuen Yuencho Amusement Park, Nawlins Restaurant, Yokosuka Naval Base Womble, Thai Erawan Yokosuka, TGI Friday’s Yokosuka (Kanagaw, Nirvana Indian Restaurant Yoko, Yokosuka Main Gate, Hard Off 6, Honey Bee (Burgers) Yokosuka, Mikes Mexican Yokosuka, Hard Off 8, Higashiyato Skate Center, Yellow Hat 7.6, Land Title Office Tachikawa, Yellow Hat 5.4, Yellow Hat 12.0, Naval Support Facility (Atsugi, Mamma Pasta, Sayama Indoor Skiing, Honda Auto Auction, Seibu Dome Parking, Restaurant Blueberry, Grandberry Mall, New Gyoza (Heaven), Outback Minami-Machida, Garlic Joe’s Grandberry Mall, Sanrio Puroland Hello Kitty, Red Lobster 2, Showa Park Tachikawa Gate, Showa Park Sunagawa Gate, BMW Dealer, Ikego Housing Area, Aeon Mall, Old American Villiage, Tama Zoo, Red Lobster 1, Obstacle park (free), Mikes Mexican Higashirinkan, Diamond City Mall, MITSUI Outlet Mall and COSTCO, Autobacs, Sano Premium Outlets Mall, Hard Off 2, Garage Off 8841, Mitsui Outlet park Iruma, Sherlock Holmes Restaurant, Jonathans, Homes Store, Atsugi NAF East Gate, Shimoda Italian Restaurant, Autobacs 3, The Wok Restaurant, East Gate Yokota AB, Chateraise Bakery, Red Lobster Morita Beach, Black Cat (Yamato Transport) A, 100 Yen Mori Town, Sagamihara Housing Area (Zama), Kaihin Park Beach, Mendel ES Yokota AB, Toyota Dealer, Sherlock Holmes, Banzi Burrito Yokota AB, MoriTown Mall, Produce market Akishima, Pancho Villa Mexican Rest., Atsugi NAS Golf Course, Hard Off 1, Joyful Honda, Sea Castle German Restaurant, COSTCO Near Camp Zama, Mitsui Outlet Park Tama Minami, Mikes Mexican Sagamino, Hayama International School, The Salty Dogs, Sagamino Station, Atsugi NAF, Marlowe Honten Retaurant Beach, Restaurant DonAkiya Beach, Good Mellows Hamburgers, South Gate Yokota AB, Venus Foods TEXMEX café, Sobudai-mae Station North, Tokyo Nishi Tokushukai Hospital, Free Kids Park, Yokota AB Golf Course, Camp Zama Gate 7, Homes Store 2, Camp Zama Golf Course, HHG/UB Bldg 920 Yokota, Camp Zama Gate 4, land Title Office Hachioji, Air Terminal Gate Yokota AB, Yellow Hat Higashi, Supply Gate Yokota AB, BX Yokota AB, Fussa Gate Yokota AB, Yellow Hat Zama, Ma-Maison Italian # 1, Garage Off 6271, Camp Zama PX, Higashi Fussa Train Station, Garage Off, Camp Zama Main Gate, New American Villiage, International School, Black Cat (Yamato Transport) F, Hamura Zoo, Ishikawa Brewery, Tony Tonkatsu Restaurant, @ Leaf Café Hamburgers, Seiyu Fussa Parking, Garage Off 5151, Fussa Train Station, KC German Restaurant, AU Store Fussa, Super Autobacs, Italian 3.14 Restaurant, Autobacs Second Hand Store Ham, Fussa City Office, Mikes Mexican Fussa, Mercedes Benz Dealer, Cheese & Olive Restaurant, Autobacs Zama, PC Depot, Fussa Sports Chuotaiikukan, Divalo Womens Shoes, Outback Ebina, Enoshima Beach/Ocean View Hotl, Yellow Hat Akikawa, Enoshima Aquarium/Red Lobster, Hamura Community Water Park, AutoBacs Second Hand Store Hac, Enoshima Island Shrine, Hard Off 7, Yellow hat 6.2, Ome Roller slide Kabokuen Prk, Aeon Mall Hinode (Big Mall), Tokyo Summerland, Mt Takao Parking, Mt Takao Entrance, Garage Off 5454, Mt Mitake Cable Car, Pesce Grosso Risorante (Water front), Hakone open Air Museum, Hakone Yunessun Parking Lot, Ellen Aim Pizzeria Café, La Terrazza Café, Hotel Musashiya, Ham & Sausage Restaurant Hakone, Hakone Sightseeing Cruise, Meissen Museum, Gotemba Premium Outlets Mall, Palace Hotel Hakone, Hotel Japan Hakone, Hakone Checkpoint, Hakone Hotel, Hakone Terminal Cruise, Hakone Togendai Cable Car/Boat, Th Prince Hotel Hakone, Ma-Maison Italian # 5, lake Yamanka, Free Kids park w/zip line, Camp Fuji Marine Base, Seiga Ku Hotel, Fuji-Q Highland, My. Kachi Kachi Ropeway Cable, Hotel Rakuyu, Fuji Lake Hotel, Hard Off Fujisan, Bell 4 story Shopping Center N, Hotel Noborisaka Near Fujiten, IL Bacco Italian, Fujiview Hotel, Moose Hills Burger, Fuji Safri park, Grinpa Amusement Park, Ma-Maison Italian # 4, Yeti Ski resort Mt. Fuji, Fujiten Skiing, Saiko Bat Cave, Lake Saiko, Narusawa ice Cave, Admissions Office for Saiko Bat Cave, Fugaku Wind Cave, Lake Shoji, lake Motosuko, Shosenkyo Gorge, Paragliding Near Mt. Fuji, Imaihama Tokyu resort, Makaho Farm, Shirato Falls, Shimoda Prince Hotel, Mt. Naeba Prince Hotel / Ski Area, Ernest House Shimoda, White beach Hotel Shimoda, Shiga-Kogen Prince West Hotel, Garage Off 1330, Garage Off 2510, Mitsui Outlet park Sendai Port, Sendai-Izumi Premium Outlets Mall, Sendai Royal Park Hotel, IKEA Sendai, Garage Off 8848, Toki Premium Outlets Mall, Mitsui Outlet Park Jazz Dream, Mitsui Outlet Park Shiga Ryuo, El Latino Mexican Kyoto, Hashimotocho Cherry Blossums W, Kyoto Gion / Hanamikoji Street, Gion Shijo Station, Shijo Station (Elevator Entrance), Kyoto Hotel, Golden Pavillion Kinkaku-ji Temple, Mitsui Outlet park Osaka Tsuru, Barbacoa Grill Brazil BBQ, IKEA Osaka, Kobe-Sanda Premium Outlets Mall, IKEA Kobe, Rinku Premium Outlets Mall, Mitsui Outlet Park Marine Pia, Miroku Waterfall, Lake Towada, Fish Market Hacinohe, Hirosaki Castle, Aomori Airport Terminal, Misawa Ice Rink International, Mikes Mexican Misawa, Misawa AB, Misawa Aviation Museum, Misawa Terayama Museum, Tony Roma’s (Misawa), Aomori Cultural Museum, Shipwreck Beach Ship Wrecks, Shipwreck Beach parking Lot, Mitsui Outlet park Kurashiki, A Bomb Dome Hiroshima, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, Mikes Mexican Iwakuni, Iwakuni Main Gate, Mitsui Outlet park Sapporo Kit, Garage Off 4700, IKEA Fukuoka Shingu, Tosu Premium Outlets Mall, Hario Commissary Sasebo, Hario Villiage Sasebo, Hario Mini Mart / Food Court Sasebo, Harion Pool Sasebo, Hario Base Theater Sasebo, Hario Medical Clinic Sasebo, Mikes Mexican Sasebo, Sasebo Navy Lodge, Sasebo Main Gate, Dragon Hill Lodge Korea, Kanucha resort Okinawa, Camp Schwab Okinawa, Camp hanson Okinawa, ANA Inter-Continental Manza Beach, Rizzan Sea-Park Hotel Tancha Beach, Sun marina Hotel Okinawa, Hotel Moon Beach Okinawa, Camp Courtney Main Gate, Camp McTureous USMC, Renaissance Okinawa Resort, Royal Garden Resort Okinawa, USN White Beach Port Facility, Camp Shields Gate 1 Okinawa, Okinawa-Zanpamisaki Royal Hotel, Kadena AB Gate 3, Hotel Nikko Alivila, Kadena AB Gate 2, Tori Station / Fort Buckner, Kadena AB Gate 5, Kadena AB Gate 4, Kadena AB Gate 1, Camp Foster, Mikes Mexican Hanbi (Okinawa), Camp Foster Commissary, Futenma MCAS Maehara Gate, Camp Kinser gate 1, Naha Airport (Okinawa), Gamin Asia, Garmin Taiwan, Disneyland Hong Kong, Ruins of St. Paul Macau, Ngoc Son Temple Hanoi Vietnam, Temple of the Emerald Buddha B, Grand Hyatt bali, Hale Koa, Garmin USA, Garmin Europe, Atami Ski Area, Akakura Onsen Ski Area, Gala Yuzawa Ski Area, Hakuba 47 Ski Area, Hakuba Goryu Ski Area, Hakuba Happo One Ski Area, Hakuba Highland Ski Area, Hakuba Iwatake Ski Area, Ishiuchi Maruyama Ski Area, Iwappara Ski Area, Joetsu Ski Area, Kusatsu Kokusai Ski Area, Madaro Kogen Ski Area, Maiko Ski Area, Marunuma Kogen Ski Area, Mt. Naeba Ski Area, Niseko Ski Area, Nozawa Onsen Ski Area, Okutadami Ski Area, Okutone Ski Area, Oze Iwakura Ski Area, Sanosaka Ski Area, Sun Alpina Ski Area, Tsugaike Kogen Ski Area, Nikko Shrine, Fuji Raceway, Motegi Raceway, Saitama Super Arena, Odaiba Shopping Area, Makuhari Messe, Tokyo Inn Otaward, Hotel Sentpia, Rembrandt Hotel Atsugi, Hotel Route-Inn Iwata, Hyakuri AB JASDF, Hyakuri AB JASDF, Shimofusa AB JASDF, Kasumigaura Army Base JASDF, Iruma AB JASDF, Shizuhama AB JASDF, Nagoya AB JASDF, Hamamatsu AB JASDF, Gifu AB JASDF, Nagoya/Komaki AB JASDF, Akeno JASDF, Hofu AB JASDF, Ozuki NAS JASDF, Tsuiki AB JASDF, Nyutabaru AB JASDF, Kanyo NAS JASDF, Ashiya AB JASDF, Miho AB JASDF, Komatsu AB JASDF, Tateyama NAS JASDF, Kisarazu Army Base JASDF, Kagura Ski Mitsumata Ropeway, Kagura Ski Center Tashiro.

All of them are broken down into folders for easy use:




Reserve yours today!

See what you are missing click here:




You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

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